From Anxiety to Calm - A Healing & Empowerment Kit
From Anxiety to Calm - A Healing & Empowerment Kit

From Anxiety to Calm - A Healing & Empowerment Kit

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A home-based program for the body, mind and soul - a perfect gift to help you (or someone you love) manage anxiety. 

The Kit includes:

  • Guidebook for Your Journey. Written by Simone Hamilton, the guidebook includes tips and suggestions to help support you in managing your anxiety and help you in your journey to feeling peaceful and calm…and empowered!
  • Program Guidance Card. A double-sided A5 card containing daily instructions to support you in making the most out of your program and the kit contents.
  • Self-Hypnosis Audio on USB: "From Anxiety to Calm", written and recorded by Master Hypnotherapist, Simone Hamilton.  Listen to this each night as you’re falling asleep as this will help your subconscious mind to make the changes that will support you in your healing journey.
  • Inspirational Cards.  Inspirational quotes printed on beautiful prints of artwork, chosen to help you with your healing journey.
  • Magnetic Clips for display of your Inspirational Cards and your Program Guidance Card to ensure that you can look at these each day.
  •  ‘My Journal’.  This booklet includes lined pages with writing prompts as well as blank pages for reflective writing to help you work your thoughts, musings, blocks, fears and hopes.  
  • Two high-quality hand-poured Soy Tea Lights (Affirmation Candles). Each candle includes a blend of essential oils chosen to help reduce anxiety.
  • Herbal Tea "Calm" (2 serves).  Blended from natural ingredients chosen to help people feel calm and relaxed. 
  • Healing Spritz (25ml) "Empowerment". Contains the healing energies of 100% essential oils, and the essence of healing crystals to help strengthen and support you. 
  • Healing Bath Salts (for the bathtub or as a foot soak), The sample is for two ‘soaks’ and contains a crushed healing crystal mixed with a carefully selected blend of herbs, magnesium salts and essential oils. 
  • Healing Crystal: Blue Lace Agate crystal, for its spiritual properties in helping you to manage your anxiety. 
  • Soothing Sensory Items, a ‘tool box’ of items that you can hold in your pocket or handbag and can be discretely ‘played with’ to help you feel calm and relaxed! Includes a material swatch that is soothing when rubbed between your fingers; a small fidget cube and a squeeze nylon bag.
  • Blank paper and envelope for your ‘Letter to Me’ – one of the many activities in this program.
  • Pen (from my Personally Empowered range of products 😊), ‘cause you need a pen that’s handy to do what you have to do in my program!