Group Programs

Personally Empowered offers a number of group programs that empower people seeking to make positive changes in their lives. To join a program, contact us at 1300 945 569 or via email at  Bookings are essential and fees differ for each program and workshop.

“Being surrounded and supported by others who are on the same journey as ourselves is very empowering. Within each of us is incredible and sometimes untapped wisdom gained from life experiences and personal learnings.  We learn from others just as much as we learn from our teachers. ” Simone Hamilton  

Live Life Anxiety Free - 8 Week Group Program

Our subconscious mind is truly amazing, but for a person who is overly anxious, their subconscious mind is doing what it does best - trying to protect them - but perhaps a little too well.  During this relaxed and supportive 8 week group program, you will learn tools to get your subconscious mind working 'with' you, not 'against' you.  You'll also learn strategies to embrace the changes that are happening in your world and methods to help you feel empowered in all aspects of your life. 

Weekly Guided Meditative Hypnosis Lunchtime Group Sessions

Enjoy a break from the every day and build some subconscious muscle! Guided hypnosis group sessions focus on a different topic each week, including hypnosis to help increase confidence, increase motivation, eating healthily, enjoy restful sleep and more. Attendees receive a recording of the session for continued enjoyment and effectiveness in their home environment.

Joy After Heartache - 8 Week Group Program

This 8 week program will help you to overcome the hurt, grief and anger from previous relationships and feel empowered moving forward.  You will learn how to find joy in living life to the fullest as a single person and importantly to feel love for yourself and 'whole' again from the inside out. You'll also learn techniques that will prevent you from being drawn to a new partner who has the opposite traits that your previous partner had - and instead, program your subconscious mind to manifest a new partner who has ALL the traits you desire in a life partner. Feel supported in this relaxed and comfortable group.

Unlock Your Power - 1 Day Workshop

In this one day workshop you will learn how to overcome fears and past pains by dissolving any negative emotions that are controlling your life.  You'll also understand your values, enabling you to become inspired and awaken your genius.  You will learn techniques to overcome challenges and make change work for you and to also manifest a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Design Your Future (for Teenagers) - 1 Day Workshop

This workshop will encourage teenagers to dream about and design their own futures, letting go of the limitations that they set for themselves.  They will also identify the support networks that are readily available to help them in designing their futures and they will feel confident to overcome any challenges and obstacles that may arise, through accessing their support networks and utilising tools provided in this workshop. The teenagers will better understand themselves by identifying their values and potential career interests as they construct their own Education and Career Pathway Plans. 

Healing & Empowerment 3 Day Retreats

Our annual Healing and Empowerment Retreats are held at the Silver Wattle Retreat Facility on the bank of Lake George, outside Canberra in October each year.  Join Simone and other heart-centred practitioners in the fields of yoga, psychic healing, holistic medicine, naturopathy and art therapy.  Experience (as well as learn) powerful tools and techniques to care for your body, mind and soul that will result in lasting lifestyle changes long after attending our retreat. Feel relaxed and calm in this beautiful retreat centre and enjoy meals cooked from locally prepared, organic foods. Enjoy three days of healing, rejuvenation and relaxation to increase wellness and life balance into your daily life.