Habit Breakers Practitioner Program

A “Business-in-a-Box” stand-alone program - containing EVERYTHING you need to to help people quit bad habits - it's ALL DONE FOR YOU and includes Hypnosis Scripts, Session Tools, Client Workbooks, Audios, etc and MORE!

This Program is designed specifically for Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Medical Practitioners, Therapists, Personal Trainers, Weight Loss/Health Coaches and Naturopaths.  

You will be able to help your clients overcome what's holding them back from achieving their health/fitness/weight goals!


Simone Hamilton is the Principal of Personally Empowered, a successful hypnotherapy-based practice in Canberra, Australia.  Simone is a Master Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner,  a Demartini Method Facilitator and a Richards Trauma Process Specialist. 

Simone developed the unique and successful Habit Breakers Programs to help her clients permanently quit bad habits. Simone now shares her expertise and systems with other Practitioners to support them in the fabulous work they do helping their clients and patients live healthy and fulfilling lives.

I can confidently say that this is the most comprehensive system available today to help your clients quit smoking!" Simone Hamilton 

The Habit Breakers QUIT SMOKING Program has a 97% success rate...

Do you want to:

  • Increase the net profit of your business
  • Save time and money on a ‘done-for-you’ system
  • Get results – every time!!
  • Enhance your existing Smoking Cessation service, or
  • Add an ‘in-demand’ service to your business
  • Reach greater numbers of potential clients

Save Time and Money – get started today!

You don’t have to create or recreate anything:

…it’s all done for you!

This is a compete tried and tested “business in a box”, designed specifically for health practitioners, hypnotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, personal trainers, life coaches, weight loss/health coaches - essentially, any practitioner who is dedicated to helping improve the health outcomes for their clients!

The Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program is easy to learn and easy to apply!

Includes web links for clients to download online fillable forms, booklets and audios, via password protected weblinks.

I teach you:

  • How to help people individuals, couples and groups to quit smoking using this system
  • How to promote your Quit Smoking Habit Breaker Program
  • How to cross promote your other services
  • How to personalise the Quit Smoking Habit Breaker Program booklets and tools with your business name and branding (or we can do this for you, if are time poor, for a small fee).
  • How to promote to General Practitioners

 Program Inclusions

Included in the Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program are all the tools, guidelines and strategies that you’ll need to run a successful quit smoking business - either as a standalone service, or as an additional service that you can offer your clients.


  • Introductory Audio and Relaxation CDs (and MP3s) for prospective clients
  • Client pre-session self-hypnosis audio
  • Client post-session self-hypnosis audio
  • Each audio contains specially developed hypnosis background music to assist in achieving trance


  • Phone Sales script
  • Client procedure and tracking forms
  • All pre and post session correspondence:
  1. questionnaires
  2. forms
  3. letters
  4. emails
  • Starter Kit forms
  • Pre-session Action Plan forms
  • Practitioner tools

    • session procedures and forms
    • desktop flipchart
    • record keeping templates
    • induction and hypnosis scripts
    • visual pre-hypnosis information for clients
    • pre-hypnosis information for practitioners
    • NLP strategies, tools and techniques
    • support tools
    • client gift pack items
    • marketing strategies
    • and more

    A comprehensive Program Manual is included to help you easily implement this program. It’s easy to learn and start using right away!


    The Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Workplace Program will help you promote your quit smoking services to Employers. Maximise your time, and increase your income with this unique approach to addressing smoking in the workplace! Includes contract and Powerpoint Presentation to deliver to employees.

    Call to order your Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program Phone: 1300 945 569 or email:

    The Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program contains everything you need to enhance your existing Quit Smoking service or add this as another service in your business. The Program:

    • Addresses the true and sometimes” hidden” reasons why people smoke, so that when a client leaves your office as a non-smoker, they are equipped and ready to REMAIN a non-smoker for life.
    • Includes a process that identifies underlying issues which a client would need to address BEFORE they undertake the Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Program – and also includes strategies to support these clients.
    • Determines whether a client is in fact, ready to quit, so as to avoid both you and the client wasting time and money unnecessarily, and also avoid ineffective backup sessions;
    • Includes a Pre-Session Action Plan e-book for clients to download and complete prior to their session.
    • Provides session tools and strategies designed for the main representational systems (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) to ensure that clients effectively process and retain information.
    • Includes a hypnotic induction specifically written for clients who have anxiety and/or claustrophobia
    • Includes a customisable hypnosis script that addresses all aspects of a person’s smoking habit
    • Includes hypnosis scripts for the pre-session Action Plan hypnosis, and the Post-Session Support Hypnosis, so that you can have the option of recording these in your own voice.
    • Includes convincers for clients who are colour blind
    • The backup/revisit script addresses the reasons why clients have taken up the habit again, including: cravings/urges; emotional/social challenges; forgetfulness.
    • Provides essential pre- and post- session support strategies to ensure lifetime success for clients … and more referrals to your practice!
    • Strategies to help ‘resign’ a difficult/problematic client
    • Effective strategies and tools to market this service
    • Information guide on abreactions and contraindications, including strategies to assist clients who ‘associate’ during hypnosis; or who have anxiety attacks
    • And more….!

    This tried and tested program really works!!

    Here’s some testimonials from satisfied clients:

    “I had been a smoker for 7 years before I sought help. I decided to quit smoking because I was wasting too much money on cigarettes, and another reason was my health. I had tried every method I could—patches, gum, how-to books, going cold turkey—and nothing worked. The Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Program was the only thing that worked for me. Since July 2011, I haven’t had a single cigarette and this has been the first time that I have quit that I don’t want or miss smoking….I will never ever smoke again!” Candice M. (ACT).

    “This is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve recommended to other people and had one friend also go along. I quit from 50 cigarettes a day nearly two years ago and now the thought of smoking makes me feel sick. I walked in at 9am and walked out at 10 a non-smoker. I went back to work and called my wife and I told her I had bought a packet of smokes on the way to my Habit Breakers Quit Smoking appointment and smoked one, and then when I left I said to myself, the first person who walks through the door when I get back to work, I’m going to give them this packet of smokes, I don’t need them anymore”. W. Carr, (ACT).

    “I feel relaxed and can see all of the benefits of not smoking. I can honestly say the money I am going to save is going to improve my life”. Nickey M. (ACT)

    “I feel better and healthier already! And more alert”. David G. (ACT)

    “I feel in control for the first time in a long time. I am not thinking of when I will have my next smoke!” Geoff W. (WA)

    “I feel stronger and that I can achieve anything I set my mind to do. Not just smoking, but all the things I felt were preventing me from achieving. I am back in control!!” Stephanie C. (ACT)

    “Giving up smoking is a huge challenge for all smokers. This method was my last option. I was sceptical but the feeling afterwards is awesome. What have you got to lose? Nothing. What have you got to gain? Everything”. Rick W. (ACT)

    “I am feeling much more comfortable with myself and am able to ignore the triggers which fed my habit. Being a non-smoker enables me to enjoy my life so much more, and spend more quality time with my grandchildren, as well as being a better role model for them. And I smell so much fresher and cleaner!” Annette L. (ACT)

    “I now feel like I have control of my habits”. Daniel J. (ACT)

    Call to order your Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program Phone: 1300 945 569 or email:

    Start using the Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioner Program from the moment you receive it!

    Don’t pay up to $10,000 elsewhere for a program that offers minimal training; basic forms and procedures; no pre- and post- action plans for clients; limited strategies for problematic clients; etc!

    I have been using this proven system for the past five years with continued success. I’ve invested time (hours and hours; days and days; weeks and weeks!!) developing this program to help other Practitioners just like myself!

    The Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program represents exceptional value for money and includes:

    Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Program Manual (A4 folder and CD) $1,900
    7 x Instructional DVDs on all aspects of the business $1,800
    Marketing Strategy (including templates for advertisements and flyers) $2,500
    Templates for client questionnaires, forms, letters and emails $   540
    Scripts for telephone, internet and email enquiries $   350
    10 x Introductory CDs with self-hypnosis relaxation track (for potential clients) $   350
    10 x Pre-Session Client Action Plan booklets $   440
    Visual table flipchart containing pre-hypnosis information $   640
    Induction Scripts $   550
    Hypnosis Scripts x 3 $   990
    Post-Session Action Plan and Support Tools $   720
    Client Follow-up and Testimonial Strategy $   700
    TOTAL VALUE: $11,480
    YOUR INVESTMENT: $ 4,977

    EziDebit payment plans also available (payments spread over 3, 6 or 12 months) – Fees apply

    Your clients will pay you a minimum of $595 to help them quit smoking, so it only takes 9 clients to recoup your investment!

    Earn a fabulous income by helping people break a dangerous ‘and expensive habit!

    About the Developer:

    “I developed this program because I’m passionate about helping people to quit smoking. My father died from smoking-related cancer at the age of 47, and my mum, my siblings and I helped nurse him from home until he died a painful death.
    I have also had experience with running successful businesses. My expertise lies in streamlining business processes and administrative procedures as well designing products and services that are ‘in-demand’.
    My goal in life is to help people transform their destiny into the future of their dreams. My true passion is in helping people to become amazing successes and lead fulfilling lives. I have personally lived through many challenges and sought out the specialised training that I knew would help me and therefore would also help others. I really understand my clients. I care about their personal journey and ensure that my clients receive positive results….”

    Simone Hamilton is a Hypnotherapist who utilises her training in various fields to assist people with personal change challenges and issues. Simone is also a Life Coach; a Master Hypnotherapist; an NLP Master Practitioner, a Master Time Line® Therapist, a Demartini Method Facilitator, a Richards Trauma Specialist and a Business Facilitator. Simone has enjoyed a varied and exciting career spanning 30 years, in the private and public sectors and brings a wealth of professional and personal experiences and insights to her role in helping others.

    Call to order your Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program Phone: 1300 945 569 or email:

    Contents of the Habit Breakers Quit Smoking Practitioners Program: