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Leverage your time with Group Programs...

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Simone Hamilton
Coach and Mentor for
Health & Wellness Practitioner Entrepreneurs

"I need more hours in my day...!"

The one thing I seemed to be always saying was that 'I need more hours in my day'.

As a Trauma Hypnotherapist with my own busy practice, I understand how difficult it is to balance the needs of my clients, my business and importantly, my life outside of my practice.

So I decided to utilise my skills in training, business development, and project management from my previous 25 year career in the private, community and public service sectors, in order to design various forms of group programs that I could offer alongside my existing 1:1 model of services. As a result, I have been able to leverage my time whilst also providing options for my clients to access my services.

I now coach other Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors and Natural Health Practitioners to develop their own successful group programs that monetise their wisdom, increase their client reach and ultimately leverage their time.


Simone Hamilton
Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner,
Demartini Method Facilitator, Life Coach
Principal of Personally Empowered

Do you have an idea for a Group Program, but don't know where to start?

That's ok! I work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure we create a Group Program that is the right fit for you and your practice

My comprehensive 16 week Health & Wellness Entrepreneur Coaching Program contains all the steps, templates and processes you need to turn your ideas into reality. I love helping my fellow colleagues get their profitable ideas 'out there' ... and get more time back for themselves!

There are many possible Group Programs that you could offer in your Practice...

Not sure what group programs to offer? Here's just a few suggestions....

  • Process-Oriented Group Support Programs
  • Pyscho-Educational Group Programs
  • Workplace Programs
  • Online Programs
  • One-Day Workshops
  • Retreats

Your clients all share the same need – they want your help! When you incorporate group programs to your Practice, you are able to offer your clients different types of support with different fee structures, held at different times during the week/month.

This means that your clients will have options to access your services and are able to select what works best for them in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

Create your own successful Group Program with my Health & Wellness Entrepreneur Coaching Program

My system comprises four stages over a 16 week period, to help you progress from idea/concept to implementation of your Group Program...

  • 1
    Unpack Your Wisdom, Expertise and Goals
    We explore your clinical experience and expertise plus your strengths, goals, values, concept ideas and skills for the best fit and framework for you and your practice.
  • 2
    Design of Your Group Program Framework
    We design the "blueprint" of your group program which includes budget, target market, program format, venues, pricing and platforms and more.
  • 3
    Content Development
    I help you develop content for your program so that we make your blueprint meaningful. I help you to organise the years and years of experience and knowledge in your head!
  • 4
    Implementation and Review
    I guide you through the implementation process of your program and help you to develop systems in your practice to ensure success. We then review options for further scalability of your practice.

Group Programs help you to expand your reach...

Group Programs provide options for your clients to access your services...

Online courses can become a revenue machine!

More and more people are looking online for answers to their problems that they can access from the comfort of their own homes.

Developing an online course is not too dissimilar to writing a book and does require an investment of your time upfront. However with the right approach, structure and content, you can reap the rewards. Money while you sleep!

You can also incorporate content you've already written. Perhaps you've already developed workbooks or presentations that you could include in your 'modules'.

There are some fabulous online course platforms that make the process of developing an online course so much more accessible and user-friendly for course creators.

Group Programs such as Retreats can be quite lucrative...

For example, Retreats are a fabulous way to not only provide life-changing experiences for attendees, but planned correctly they can also be quite lucrative.

There is a lot to consider when creating a truly awesome retreat experience. Retreats are so much more than a Workshop in a lovely location. You could run the retreat on your own, or you could collaborate with your colleagues from other practices.

The more thought that goes into the planning, the greater the outcomes for your clients ... and the greater the potential income for you!

Ask me about how to create a Retreat or other Group Programs that will be a fabulous fit for you and your practice - as well as a lucrative business venture!

Reduce your 1:1 client schedule and add Group Programs to your practice to create time in your week to:

  • Write that book you've been wanting to write.
  • Take up a hobby or sport you've been putting off.
  • Enjoy some more regular quality downtime with your family and your friends.
  • Take more getaways during the year

Reduce your weekly 1:1 client schedule and leverage your time by funnelling new clients into Group Programs.