Testimonials from Clients

"I heard about Personally Empowered by a friend, she recommended I go see Simone to quit smoking as she had previously been and had a great session. My session was so fulfilling, I felt like a new person and in complete control, I felt safe and enjoyed my session, 3 days on and still no smoking!! Thanks so much 😀 " - Miranda (ACT)

"It's been amazing. I can think of things in my past the pain has gone. The need to write a memoir (full of bad shit) has also gone. Big hugs to you". - Linda (ACT)

"I no longer need alcohol to cope with stress. You have been truly fabulous". - Ian (ACT)

“I’ve been feeling really good! Been to the gym each day. No wine! Excited". -Louise (ACT)

"I was rather proud of myself because I didn't get upset as I felt empowered" [when dealing with a difficult situation at work during the week]. - Carol (ACT)

" My son has Asperger's and has a history of severe violence. He decided to see Simone because he said: ' his brain is like a computer and he can't reprogram it but someone else can'. Simone is amazing. She has a way of getting him to open up about things when nobody else ever could. Violence is no longer an issue. Last week I saw Simone over issues with my middle son becoming belligerent and aggressive every time he comes home from his father's. In just one session she got to the root of the problem and gave him concrete strategies to make things work. On the way out of her office, he said "I don't know why but I love talking to Simone". - Janet (ACT)

“I have suffered with debilitating anxiety for most of my adult life, which had affected my quality of life and that of my family. I found it difficult to leave my home and hadn’t been shopping for groceries for over three years – sending my teenage son instead. After the first session with Simone, I walked away feeling like a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders and I learnt tools to help begin reclaiming my life! I even ventured into the Woden Shopping Centre when I walked out of Simone’s office! After my second session, I went to the Toni Childs concert – my first concert in years!! Annette B. – Queanbeyan, ACT

video Testimonial of Emily, age 13, who had anxiety.

“I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen first-hand what an amazing effect Simone can have on people's lives”. – Jess K. (ACT)

“I highly recommend Simone she is very lovely lady. Her program was absolutely brilliant. I had some phobia's that are now are gone. I had huge issue with drinking a lot of coke and now I can’t stand the sight of coke. It’s been 8 weeks now since I had coke. Simone also got me motivated in setting me up in my own business. So if you’re thinking about doing a course it’s worth every cent.” – Mark Bamford

"I first went to see Simone because I was feeling very anxious all the time. I am 16 years old and this first started when I was about 12 years old. My parents took me to a psychologist first but that was no help as all they wanted me to do was some breathing exercises. The anxiety that I felt was getting worse as I got older and had more pressures on me from school and work. I had talked about it a lot with my mum and could see that what I was feeling was silly but I just couldn’t stop the panic feeling and the self-talk in my head that was revving me up all the time. Simone helped me so much. She is so friendly and happy and easy to talk to. She wants to help so much she makes everything really easy and comfortable. She went through some timeline therapy with hypnosis that helped me detach from the anxiety I had made up about different situations I was facing. Simone also talked to me about my self-esteem, being more resilient and gave me a hypnosis CD to listen to at home to support my visits with her. The results I got were fantastic. I think it took 2 visits for my anxiety to be under control and 1 more visit later to address some stuff that came up.  One thing I liked was that the result was so quick. I went in really panicking and uncomfortable with feeling sick I was so anxious and came out relaxed and under control. It was that easy.  I would recommend Simone and Personally Empowered to anyone who needs help with anxiety and panic attacks". – Jordan – age 16

“Simone is an amazing woman who has the power to bring great change and transformation to your life!” – Alli K. (ACT)

“Simone is a wonder and she will change your life for the better! I cannot possibly thank her enough for coming into my life”.

“I now feel like I have control of my habits and understand that I am the one who decides whether or not I want or need to smoke.” – Daniel J. (ACT)

“I feel so much more relaxed in my life. Seeing Simone was the best thing I’ve ever done”. – Karen, ACT

“Simone has changed my life... My life is back on track ... I feel that I have made a significant 'shift' in the way I perceive myself and my life…” – Jo A. (ACT)

“Simone from Personally Empowered has literally changed my life! As a life-long yoyo dieter, overweight since my teens, I could never find that switch to flick that would make me find the path to permanent weightloss. The siren call of sugar and fats always pulled me back and I was pretty miserable. Using Simone's 'Weigh to Wellness' journey, I finally understood what type of eater i was, and she was able to help me to gain control over the food that had controlled me for my whole life. I have lost 15 kilos in 12 weeks, and since I started, not one item of sweet or fried food has touched my lips- and the crazy thing is, I don't miss it! I have a long way to go, but for the first time in my 43 years, I believe I can do it, because I know that the food no longer controls me. Simone is a wonder and she will change your life for the better! I cannot possibly thank her enough for coming into my life”. – Shellie May (ACT)

“I am feeling much more comfortable with myself and am able to ignore the triggers which fed my habit”. – Annette L. (ACT)

“I have a successful international Diving business in the Philippines, but was feeling ‘unfulfilled’ and ‘stuck’ about what to do ‘next’ in my life. I experienced the Quantum Leap Program with Simone in May 2012. I left with a clear sense of direction, an itemised action plan with timeframes and a course of action which I began implementing immediately upon returning home back in the Philippines, in line with the goals that I established with Simone - and I’m seeing excellent results already!!” – Trevor H. Philippines

“Hey, I just wanted to write you a massive thank you. I know I haven’t been back to see you in a little while but I would just like to say thank youso much. You have helped me so much this year. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be alive at this point at the beginning of the year. I finished year 12 because of you. You have always been there when I needed help and you gave me so much support and I will never be able to thank you enough. I managed to get myself a job so hopefully I will be earning some money and will be able to fund some travel and my passion for horses. None of this would have been possible without you”. – Ashleigh (age 18)

“I feel stronger that I can achieve anything I set my mind to do. Not just smoking, but all the things I felt were preventing me from achieving. I am back in control!” – Stephanie C. (ACT)

"Simone has changed my life! She is a very amazing person. My life is back on track ..." – Mark B (ACT)

“My reason for using hypnotherapy was to assist in breaking the habit of drinking alcohol on a regular basis after work. Right from the very first day I found I was not the slightest bit interested in having alcohol unless I was at a social function and even then I could take it or leave it!” – F.P. (ACT)

“Every now and again you come across Angels, that are cleverly disguised as everyday people.  Simone is one such ANGEL. She has an incredible gift of healing. Its never a waste of money or time when you have appointments with Simone. She can really HELP YOU.” – Elissa Neenan (ACT)

“I am a reserved person and find discussing myself difficult at the best of times. In the worst of times I rarely offer anything, instead choosing to withdraw. Simone has a remarkable gift that has helped me to be more open with the people around me and has helped me to truly understand and appreciate that asking for help, and being asked for help, is not only OK but essential for happiness. What I have written is all I could put to words there is so much more. I can't recommend her more highly, and if I could I would give 6 out of 5.” – Douglas Taylor

“Simone Hamilton is not only my biggest competition, she is one of my most trusted friends. We Coaches need Coaches too and Simone is the one I choose out of the hundreds of Coaches I work with worldwide. I would trust her with my closest family and I recommend her when I am booked out.  In our work, we believe in everyone, (even the ones that others condemn). We believe that everyone can be saved and we will work with each person until they solve their problem. There is only one thing we ask of our clients... that they believe in themselves too. If you have a problem - it doesn't matter how big it is - Simone will work with you until the problem is gone.” – Sharon Glasswell

“Before I saw Simone, I felt happy, but I knew that I could be happier. Now I know I have so much more to offer. If someone were to ask me on a date now, I would go!” – Karen (ACT)

“I quit from 50 cigarettes a day nearly two years ago and now the thought of smoking makes me feel sick. I walked in at 9am and walked out at 10am a non-smoker”. – William C. (ACT)

“I am more excited and at ease about my future now than I have been in a very long time…” – Jo (ACT)

"Although I did hypnosis for my sugar cravings, Simone also went deeper and found why I was an emotional eater. My appointment with Simone was 1 week before Christmas 2012. Since that day I have not eaten any chocolates or lollies, and I didn’t even think about them on Xmas day. I have also become a lot more confident in myself because I no longer fear my past. Simone is a passionate and caring person and she will look after you the whole session”. – K.D